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Established in 2014, Skatopia has been constantly grooming young athletes of all ages into a professional inline skater. As the sports industry is constantly changing and improving, Skatopia has always been planning a developmentally appropriate program for athletes, taking into consideration the CCA/Programme learning outcomes, goals and entry abilities of them.


In Skatopia, we believe that the coaches play a very important role for the young athletes, especially when it comes to a competitive level and also being a positive role model for the them.

Safety is Skatopia's priority, coaches are all well-trained on the safety of the sport and to make smart decisions to minimize unnecessary accidents from happening.
The responsibility of Skatopia is to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the students at all times.

  • We are a fun group where we gather different athletes from different areas in Singapore. Skatopia conducts various events and activities that involve athletes to enjoy themselves during the holiday break. Inputting what they have learned during the skating courses into real-life challenges.


Through sports, we encourage young athletes to learn not only the technical skills but also values in life that make them in becoming a unique sportsman.

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