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Have fun together!

Getting together to learn something new is always exciting! With in-line skating, you will be able to go places together and really enjoy a good exercise whilst travelling. Or even stunting!

In-line Skating Programme for groups!
(Company Retreats / Team Bondings / School Holiday Events / Birthday Parties)

Running out of activities in mind? You're in the right place!

SKATOPIA offers joyous "skate camp" programme for everybody to enjoy the fun and excitement of In-line Skating 

Fear not if you have no experience or are afraid of these wheels,

you'll be up and ready to roll by the end of this wonderful session!

What you can expect in this Skate Camp:

  • introduction of In-line Skating

  • proper standing up technique

  • proper falling down technique

  • starting steps

  • basic rolling outside of training mats (if  student catch on fast)

  • basic braking technique by the end of lesson

  • free and easy

  • some activities and games

  • lots of fun with your peers!

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